Andrea Kümin

Birthdate: 29.10.1997
Hometown: Wollerau, Switzerland
Residency: Winkel, Switzerland
Federation: SAC, Swiss National Climbing Team
Hobbies: Skiing, Snowboarding

I am a passionate competition and rock climber and a member of the Swiss National Climbing Team.
In 2016 I became Youth European Champion and Youth Vice World Champion of the combined ranking and won the bronze medal at the European Youth Championships in Lead climbing.
From 2009-2015 I won eight gold medals at Swiss Youth Championships, and this in all three disciplines, bouldering, lead and speed.

Why I dedicate so much to climbing
First of all, I like the thrill when climbing at my limit. In those situations I’m totally focused and nothing else matters. I feel in control and really strong and even the hardest moves seem to become surprisingly easy. Second, I love the competitions. They give me the opportunity not only to test and demonstrate my physical and mental fitness but also to socialize with all my friends of the climbing community. These two aspects are the main motivation and the reward for devoting a great part of my present life to this beautiful sport.

My first moves
My parents took me to the climbing gym before I could walk. When I was a kid, we often went climbing on rock during our family holidays and I loved it from the very beginning. At the age of nine I completed my first competition and started climbing regularly in a small gym in Bülach. In 2008 I started doing national competitions. In 2011 I became a member of the National Youth Climbing Team and was old enough to compete at international Youth Cups. At first, Climbing was just a hobby, but with the time, it has become my passion.

My best Results
2. World Youth Championships Combined, Guanzghou 2016
1. European Youth Championships Combined, Mitterdorf 2016
3. European Youth Championships Lead, Mitterdorf 2016
2. European Youth Cup Bouldering, Graz 2016
2. European Youth Cup Bouldering, Argentière 2016
3. European Youth Cup Bouldering, Warsaw 2016
10. Worldcup Bouldering, Meiringen 2017
10. European Championships Bouldering, Munich 2017
12. European Championships combined 2017