Bouldering and Speed Worldcup Chongqing 22.04.17

23rd Bouldering

19th Speed

The competition in Chongqing was my first worldcup in China and I didn’t know what to expect. The venue was really cool, the organizer and route-setters did a brilliant job and the event was a blast. The blue wall with the bright and colorful holds was an eye candy and made you want to climb immediately! The boulder problems were set with Chinese Holds called «Gecko-King» holds. I’ve never seen them before and it’s always nice to climb on new holds.

The boulders were very diverse. I flashed the sloper and crimp problem, but struggled with the two volume boulders. The temperatures were high and the volumes quite slippery. In the end we had a slab with a small side jump, which I did in my second try. I really enjoyed climbing in this round and just after I’ve finished, I was satisfied with my climbing. I climbed 3 out of 5 boulders, fell at the end of the second. The fourth was too difficult for me and only topped by two or three climbers anyway. Unfortunately, my performance wasn’t enough for the next round and I placed 23th just behind the semifinalists. I wasn’t disappointed with my climbing but sad that I couldn’t climb another round. Nevertheless, the competition had been a blast. I’m really happy that I had been part of it and had the opportunity to make some new experiences and grow as an athlete.

Beside the bouldering there was also speed worldcup and I took this chance to get some valuable practice at international speed competitions – bearing in mind the combined format and the Olympics in 2020. It was my first ever speed worldcup and as a boulderer competing against all those speed athletes, I had no pressure at all. Therefore, I could totally focus on my climbing and showed a satisfying performance. My best run was 11.93 seconds.

Here’s a short video about my trip to Chongqing.